FFT data update for Primary School Leaders


This event is being run as a result of an ongoing partnership between OTSA and FFT and is only accessible to Oxfordshire Primary Schools who will be provided with a link to make the booking.

FFT will provide an update on their summer 2021 services for primary schools.

Our support this year includes:

  • The Primary Assessment Service – full attainment and Value Added Analysis of 2021 EYFS, KS1 and KS2 TAs.
  • KS1/KS2 Dynamic estimates – estimates / predictions based on a range of assessment and test inputs
  • Attendance Tracker – Track, monitor and analyse weekly attendance data
  • Primary Pupil Tracking – curriculum and assessment monitoring between key stages

FFT is running a 1 hour update session where they will outline the exciting new developments in Aspire for primary schools in 2021.

This year FFT is releasing the following services to subscribing schools:

‘On demand’ end of key stage analysis service: Once again in the absence of formal end of Key stage tests and assessments FFT will provide a 2021 results service for Year R; Year 2 and Year 6. This year we plan to run this as an ‘on demand’ service; send us your data and within 48 hours receive your report.

FFT Estimates: This year we will be taking a more flexible approach to the generation of estimates, not just from end of key stage SATs; that will not have existed for two years; but from other standardised end of key stage tests and assessments.

Attendance Tracker: Through our free Aspire Data Exchange connection we will be able to automatically collect daily attendance figures from participating schools. This will provide weekly ‘live’ reports of a school’s attendance against a ‘FFT national’ figure (from contributing schools). The reports will allow a school to analyse their attendance by year groups, key pupil groups and absence types against equivalent FFT national figures for that week.

Aspire Pupil Tracker: Update on some of the new reports and assessments that have been added to Aspire Pupil Tracker in the past few months

Details of the new services can be found here: https://fft.org.uk/fft-2021-primary/

Accessing the online event

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Participation in the online event

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This event will not be recorded for copyright and privacy reasons.