The 14th Annual Conference for Counsellors Working in Schools



In the heat of it: school counsellors working in the heart of the organisation, feeling the heat and facing it anyway.

We invite you to join us virtually for our Fourteenth Annual Conference for Counsellors working in schools or interested in working in schools on Friday 15th October.

Although we are disappointed not to be able to hold this year's conference face-to-face as originally hoped, the online format gives us certainty during these continually changing times where so much is still unknown. We felt that it was important to bring people together again in 2021 to share experiences and provide some stimulating professional development to support you in the year ahead.

This virtual conference is suitable for all professionals who work to support young people both inside and outside of the school setting.

Conference Programme

Opening Address with Juma Woodhouse: Mask-Ulinity | Societies projections onto boys and men: ways they have to cope to face the world

Juma Woodhouse is a Systemic family therapist. He has had varied clinical experience over 11 years working with adolescents in outreach CAMHS services and secondary schools. He has supported children and families through the social care process as a family group coordinator. More recently Juma has acted as a facilitator in community therapy groups for young adults and long-standing residents of Tottenham following the 2011 riots. Juma’s most recent post is as a family therapist in an integrated gangs and exploitation unit (IGXU) for Westminster Council.

Morning Workshops:

  1. On or Off? The imagery and reality of mask wearing for boys and men (Juma Woodhouse)
  2. Feeling lost but dreading to be found: anxieties of loss and loss of self in post-lockdown times (Silvia Elsner)
  3. The Reluctant Caretaker: how to survive and thrive in a school ambivalent to counselling (Laura McDonald)
  4. Brothers and sisters under the skin: exploring the complexity of sibling dynamics in work with young people(Katia Houghton)
  5. Reflections on crisis: how crisis changes the way we are and the way we work with children and families (Caroline Kerr)

Afternoon Workshops:

  1. The Blame Game: how schools punish us and sometimes our clients. What should we make of it, and how do we ride it? (Debbie Lee)
  2. Divided lives: encounters with race in the counselling room (Lucy-Jean Lloyd)
  3. Becoming unstuck using systemic theory - We all feel stuck sometimes with clients, colleagues, or other important people at work. This workshop will explore how ideas from family therapy will help (Shona Reed-Purvis)
  4. Too hot to handle: looking at powerful emotions and relationships underlying bullying in schools (Angelique Camoenie)

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