In our Shoes: a programme designed for women in/or aspiring to leadership


A 5-part programme designed for women in leadership or aspiring to positions of leadership. Relevant for both teaching and non-teaching school colleagues.

Throughout the programme you are invited to be curious, and to step out of your comfort zone and into your adventure zone of learning and growth.

The course places emphasis on how you think as much as it does about any tools and techniques to apply immediately. The sessions are a safe space for collaborative learning and critical reflection, designed to encourage a spirit of exploration and fun. Each session takes a particular theme.

Session 1 | The Basis for Flourishing - 4th May 2021

This session starts with self-awareness, our values and the sense of purpose we bring to our work. We explore the notion of confidence; the inner narrative and giving voice to your strengths.

Session 2 | Being Authentic - 18th May 2021

Session two invites you to live in the world of non-binary choices – think both/and, rather than, either/or. Explore what is it to show authentic leadership and the paradox of which self you are being authentic to. Beyond either/or gives time for reflection and explores the choices you can make without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Session 3 | Career Goals - 10th June 2021

This session focuses on your career goals, including preparing for promotion. We examine core career ambitions and approaches to navigating possible career paths. This includes being okay with changing the trajectory and being open to opportunities that may not be on the road you have mapped out for yourself but present themselves unexpectedly.

Session 4 | Connective Advantage - 23rd June 2021

This session focuses on the connections you have and how much time you devote to making your network helpful and stronger. It is about striking the balance between contacts that are deep and life-long and those that may be right for now. It is not just what they can bring to you. Part of the joy of connecting is what you can offer your network and how it is a fun way to learn and interact. We will explore practical ways in which you can grow connective advantage through investment and love.

Session 5 | Who am I becoming? - 7th July 2021

This session is bringing together different components of who you are, where you want to go and how you can flourish getting there. We look at your own personal action plan to energise you for the voyage ahead, a set of practical self-care strategies and how to be a better ally for those on the journey with you.

By the end of the programme it is intended that you:

  • Recognise your strengths and challenge your mental models and limiting beliefs
  • Deepen your reflection and build reflective habits
  • Encourage feedback
  • Favour discovery and playful experimentation as a means of moving towards your goals
  • Build connective advantage by strengthening your network and allies
  • Are energised by who you are becoming
  • Have takeaway tools and techniques to apply immediately
  • Identify some immediate actions/action points that will take you further towards your goal (however big or small)
  • Enjoy the experience

About the facilitator | Alison Robb Webb

Alison is an independent consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the school sector. She is a qualified and highly experienced executive coach and Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She works nationally with CEOs, Trust Boards and senior leaders as well as facilitating on national programmes across all levels of leadership.

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Participation in the online event

Our online events aim to be interactive and you will be expected to have your camera and microphone on, although your microphone should be muted. We may use ‘Raised Hands’, ‘Reactions’, ‘Chat’, ‘Polls’, shared whiteboards and shared screens during the session. We may also use ‘Breakout Rooms’ to allow you to work in a smaller group. Please note this event will be recorded and made available to all ticket holders.

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£150 (plus VAT)

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