Where do we go from here? How EdTech is driving post pandemic recovery


What has the pandemic taught us about the powers of EdTech and how can we now prepare for the next chapter in Education?

This is an opportunity to reflect and share our experience of the challenges we have faced during the 2020-21 pandemic in order to be well equipped and stock up our edtech toolboxes for the ‘new normal’ moving forward.

Hosted by Stephanie King, SAM Learning's Commercial Director. Stephanie has over 10 years experience in the education sector. An English specialist holding 2 PGCEs in higher and secondary education, she has a successful teaching history in secondary schools in the North of England. She now works with schools across the UK to support their whole school priorities using Ed-Tech. She will be joined by special guests from SAM Learning and SAM Learning schools to share their experience of the last year, the challenges they have faced and how they plan for learning recovery.

SAM Learning is a cross-curricular, online learning system that has been used by thousands of schools pre and during the 2020-21 pandemic. Established for over 20 years, SAM Learning enables effective teaching and learning by providing teachers a complete toolbox to review and assess, automatically spot knowledge gaps, reduce teacher workload and increase student learning engagement, all within an independently proven to improve framework.

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